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Tournament 2005

Preparing for the opening volleyball game

More than a thousand people watched the basketball final.
Above, a section of the crowd

From the gala dinner that was held at Dana in honor of all our sports teams.
The season's harvest on display.

A Tennis Table tournament was held earlier in the year.
Our players won first and second places.

Our football (Soccer) team before one of the games

Here pictured with the opposition team.

In summer 2003 Dana Resort in association with the Municipal Council and Nadi Shabeebat Al Marj
invited Sheikh Abdullah El Kasemi and our own Gaby Phillip El Khoury
who form one of the leading rally teams in the Middle East

Sheikh El Kasemi and Gaby perform a thrilling show on the main road in Jdeideh.

The two guests with the administrative committee members.

Nadi president Mr Wissam Hourany introduces the Nadi shield to the guests.

Members of the Lebanese Red Cross, Marjeyoun branch with the guests at the Nadi lounge.

Afterwards, a cocktail party was held at Dana in honor of the guests.

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