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Second Likha Tournament

A second Likha tournament of 16 teams was held at Nadi Shabibat Al Marj on April 9, 2005.
The final match was won by Imad Khoury and George Barakat against Fouad Rashid and his son Rabih .
All games were 2 out of 3 except for the Final one 3 out of 5.
Imad and George played against 4 teams and won all the games 2 to 0 and ended with 3 to 0 in the final.

Shadi Adwan, George Barakat, Imad Khoury, Nadi president Jamal Abu Mrad, Tony Lteif, Fouad Rashid and Rabih Rashid.

Hassan Abla and Gaby Chamoun playing against Imad and George

The pressure is on, every one is watching the final game.

The winners of the first Likha tournament Wissam Shadid and Jirji Abou Mrad
receiving the Nadi's shield for first place winners from Nadi president, Shadi Adwan and Tony Lteif .

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