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  • Since its inception in 1966, Nadi Shabeebat Al Marj has played a vital part in all aspects of life in Jdeida.
    Today, it is still at the center of the Jdeidanis social and cultural life.
    In fact, the burden of responsibility is much heavier today for our mother town is not in very good health and this is the message that we want to relay to all her sons and daughters all over the world.
    This town badly misses her children. Those who have remained in Jdeida are the real reason why we still have a town to call our own, but their numbers are dwindling and we think that an effort should be made to stop the deterioration and restore Jdeida to its former glory.

    This has to be a joint effort by all Jdeidanis, at home and abroad and we at the Nadi are certainly ready to do our part.
    We badly need to communicate with each other and we hope that this web site will help us do it.
    We also hope, through news and pictures, to present some of our activities and of the different aspects of life in Jdeida to those of us who are living abroad, perhaps attempting a visit some day!!!

    Board Members :

    Malek Abdelmasih Rached President
    Chadi Toufic Adwan Vice President
    Nahida Abdelmasih Rached Secretary
    Lucy Sweidan Hamra Treasurer
    Hanna George Sweidan Club Representative
    Michel Ezzat Rached Accountant
    Ziad Yousef El Shoufi Sports Manager
    Juliette Noura Najm Social Committee
    Antoine Fahim Lteif Cultural Committee